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About Yamanakako

Yamanakako, a forest and lake resort closest to Tokyo.
It is the closest to Mt. Fuji among the lakes around Mt. Fuji "Fuji Five Lakes", and the view of Mt. Fuji over the lake is spectacular.
Mt. Fuji is not the only attraction. You can see the seasonal flowers, autumn leaves in autumn, and rime in winter.
For active play, boating and canoeing on the lake and camping in the woods are also recommended.
Let's enjoy Yamanakako Resort.

Location of Yamanakako

Lake Yamanakako is a bright lake at the foot of Mt. Fuji, surrounded by gentle mountains.
It takes about 2 hours by highway bus from Tokyo and Yokohama.
It is gaining popularity as a resort with abundant nature that weaves lakes and forests that can be easily reached from Tokyo!

Climate of Yamanakako

Yamanakako is a plateau at an altitude of about 1000 meters and has a climate similar to that of Hokkaido.
It's cool and easy to spend in summer, so it's very popular as a summer resort! It is also perfect for outdoor activities such as barbecues and camping.
A light coat or jacket is required for going out in early spring such as Golden Week. It may feel a little chilly in the morning and evening in summer, so it is safe to wear something like a cardigan.
Yamanakako is so cold that the surface of the lake freezes in winter. Anyway, please be sure to take measures against the cold! Studless tires are a must when traveling by car, as snow often accumulates. Instead of the harsh cold, you will find a beautiful view of rime and Mt. Fuji.

Superb Views of the four seasons

At Lake Yamanakako, the lake closest to Mt. Fuji, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, which is a combination of the magnificent Mt. Fuji and the lake.
With tulips in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, cosmos in the fall, and so on, seasonal flowers bloom in the background of Mt. Fuji, showing a beautiful competition.
The collaboration between Swan and Mt. Fuji is also a sight unique to Lake Yamanakako, which is called "Swan Lake". You can see swans playing in the lake, and you may meet adorable swan parents and children⁉
Don't miss the sunset and sunrise of Mt. Fuji. The scenery where the whole area is dyed red is truly fantastic and dramatic! It's a breathtaking view.
From mid-October to the end of February, you can see "Diamond Fuji" where the sun overlaps the summit of Mt. Fuji. Many photographers from inside and outside the prefecture gather for the mysterious sight. When the weather is good, the "upside-down Fuji" where Mt. Fuji is reflected on the surface of the lake is beautiful, and if you are lucky, you may be able to see the "double Diamond Fuji" where the setting sun sets on the "upside-down Fuji". 

Activities of Yamanakako

Yamanakako is full of spots where you can actively enjoy the magnificent Mt. Fuji and nature!
If you want to enjoy it easily, we recommend activities at the lake. The pleasure boat "Swan Lake" where you can see the elegant swan. There are binoculars for enjoying the scenery and a children's observation seat with a handle on the ship, so adults and children can enjoy cruising. There are many types of sightseeing boats such as pedalo swan boats and popular motor boats! You can enjoy Lake Yamanakako with your family, friends, and your dog.
The amphibious KABA bus, which allows you to enjoy both land and water sightseeing while on the bus, is also popular. Dive into the lake with a splendid splash of water! You can enjoy the exhilaration.
Camping in the cool woods is perfect for enjoying the wilderness of  Yamanakako. From glamping that you can enjoy empty-handed to full-scale camp that you prepare yourself, you can choose the way of spending that suits your taste.
Lake Yamanakako has a cycling road that allows you to go around the lake, so you can easily rent a bicycle. It is also attractive to be able to actually run the course of the Olympic bicycle road race. Why don't you run refreshingly in the great outdoors while looking at Mt. Fuji?
From beginners to advanced players, there are plenty of courses where you can easily enjoy trekking and hiking! The spectacular view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Yamanakako from the summit will blow away your tiredness.

Event to be held at Lake Yamanakako Area

It is full of events where you can fully enjoy Yamanakako every season, such as traditional festivals, fireworks, and illuminations that have been going on for a long time! Please check it out before you go out.
At the shrine, traditional festivals such as the Ishiwari Shrine Festival and the Hiranoten Mangu Festival are held. At the "Yamanaka Myojin Easy Delivery Festival," which is rare in Japan, many people gather to pray for childbirth and easy delivery, and you can see a spectacular sight of chanting the sacred song and spinning around the sacred tree.
The Yamanakako fireworks Festival "Houkosai"  is a major summer event. Everyone gets drunk with the large colorful fireworks reflected on the surface of the lake.
In autumn, the autumn leaves festival is held on the shore of the lake, and the 600m autumn leaves corridor is lit up. How about taking a walk while watching the bright and fantastically shining autumn leaves?
There are many events in winter when the air is clear! At Hana no Miyako Park, the illuminations shine in a fantastic landscape with the magnificent Mt. Fuji in the background. Don't miss the scenery that can only be seen in winter, such as the "Snow Festival" that can be enjoyed by children and adults, and the "Ice Candle Festival" where ice candles and winter fireworks decorate the entire silver world!

Tasty Foods of Yamanakako

Yamanakako has many fashionable cafes and restaurants, mainly on the shores of the lake! How about spending time in a cozy space, such as a cafe in the woods surrounded by nature and a restaurant with a spectacular view of the lake and Mt. Fuji? You can also aim for photogenic photos in a great location.
There are many pensions that are proud of their cuisine, and authentic dishes prepared by former hotel restaurant chefs are popular. At the inns with different personalities, why not enjoy the special dishes with Yamanashi wine.
What you should definitely try in winter is the pond smelt caught in Lake Yamanakako. At Japanese restaurants, you can enjoy the classic tempura and fried. Fresh pond smelt caught in Lake Yamanakako is characterized by a refreshing taste without any odor. It is a gem that is simple but can only be tasted locally.
The season for pond smelt fishing is from late autumn to early spring. Even beginners can easily enjoy it. There is also a shop that cooks the caught pond smelt, so please try the freshly caught pond smelt. It will surely have a special taste!

Accommodation in Yamanakako

In Yamanakako, there are hotels, inns, guest houses, pensions, vacation rentals, etc ... Anyway, there are many types and number of inns! You can choose according to the purpose and plan of your trip. It is also attractive that you can decide on your favorite space and view, such as Mt. Fuji, a panoramic view of the lake, and the woods.
Recently, independent cottages, villas and vacation rentals are popular. You can spend your time freely without worrying about other guests or time, and it is also recommended for families with infants, three generations, and pets.
There are many other hotels that are friendly to pets, and there are dog parks, private hot springs, and meals for dogs. You can make fun memories of your trip with your precious pets ♪
Also pay attention to the inn that boasts of cooking. You can enjoy authentic dishes made with plenty of local ingredients at a reasonable price. In addition, the relaxing breakfast at the inn is the real pleasure of the resort. You can spend a luxurious time from the morning.

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