Yamanakako panoramic viewing platform やまなかこぱのらまだい

Anyway, it is superb view! View Point that competes for 1.2 in Yamanakako

View Point in the middle of prefectural road reaching from Yamanakako to Mikuni mountain pass. Place that can overlook Mt.Fuji on Yamanakako, the other side under eyes. We can see depending on weather to the Southern Alps. We are stained with one side extreme redness to get out and can taste fantastic time at dusk.
As it becomes one side Japanese pampas grass field in autumn, walk in Japanese pampas grass is recommended.

Mt. Fuji Viewing

Basic Information

Address 山梨県南都留郡山中湖村平野
Access We turn to the Oyama-cho area at Hirano intersection and go ahead through prefectural road Yamakita Yamanakako line (730) for approximately 15 minutes
(we pass ranch, restaurant on the way to Mikuni mountain pass)

*It is on Mt. Takazasu mountain, Myojin hiking course, Mikuni mountain, the panoramic viewing platform hiking course.
*Parking number is careful in about ten and little one!
*Wearing of tire for winter is indispensable to the winter season for road freeze.
Car Park parking space (the small)
Remarks Public toilet, guidance signboard


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