A powerful dive into the lake with the whole KABA bus!

The amphibious bus “YAMANAKAKO NO KABA,” which is still rare in Japan, is attracting a lot of attention here in Yamanakako. The KABA offers the extraordinary experience of diving directly into the lake from land, and also allows visitors to experience the light, wind, forests, and splashing water that only KABA can provide.

The sequence of event

1. Get Ticket! Check-in for the tour at the KABA BUS stop at the "Mori-no-Eki" (Station of the Forest) in the Asahigaoka Bus Terminal!

2. Enjoy the exciting video! First, experience the attraction of KABA BUS with the exciting video!

3. Dive! Then, dive into Lake Yamanakako! Let’s count down together.

4. Cruising Mt. Fuji and the mountains along the lakeside can be seen 360 degrees! You can also enjoy the lively chating of the attendant and the “CHIBI KABA” (little hippopotamus) the whole time.

5. End of journey
KABA BUS Equipment Details

Screws for marine use are attached to the tail of the KABA at the rear of the vehicle.
The headlight has a waterproof cover, so it can be used underwater!
・Accommodation ladder
You get on board by a ladder type staircase like an airplane.
Climb up slowly:)

Capture your fun memories with a photo!

Notice and Request
*Tours may be cancelled due to weather conditions (wind, thunder, fog, etc.) or water level in the lake.
*Reservations will be accepted one month prior to the date of the ride.
*Please check in for the tour at least 15 minutes prior to departure. Failure to arrive by departure time will be considered as cancellation and the bus will depart.
*If you are bringing a pet, please place it on your lap in a special cage that fits its head up, so that it does not disturb other passengers. (However, only small dogs are allowed.)

Leisure and Experience Facility

Basic Information

Address 401-0502 山梨県南都留郡山中湖村平野506-296
Telephone Number 0570-022-956(Pre-booking)
Remarks TEL: 090-6160-4696 (On the day of booking)
Website Official Website


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