Yamanakako Bungaku no mori Kouen(Park of literature) やまなかこぶんがくのもりこうえん

In park full of nature, let's mention literature, history of Yamanakako

Yukio Mishima literature building, Soho Tokutomi Museum, hall-style straight hermitage of haiku, citizens hermitage, culture facility of information creation building (library) are in garden and can enjoy nature and whichever of literature.
In garden full of nature where many trees, the fields and mountains grass, wild bird have habitation, it continues so that paths of walk thread through grove, and stone tablet, monuments inscribed with a tanka poem (replica) associated with Yamanakako scatter 19, and it is to walk course of haiku, tanka lover and people getting close naturally.
Every season, the colorful fields and mountains grass blooms and is park which can experience natural observation, bird watching, nature including walking close.
About 50 kinds of wild birds are confirmed in garden and are recommended healing spot that can hear voice of beautiful chicken easily.
If the weather is clear, we open picnic sheet in open space and can eat lunch.
There is public toilet near wind straight hermitage, but please be careful as is closed for freeze in the winter season (from November to April).

<stone tablet, monument inscribed with a tanka poem>
 Stone tablets of haiku poet, poet scatter 19
 (Fusei Tomiyasu, Tamaki Miura, Kyoshi Takahama, Manyoshu, Yugure Maeda, Mitsuharu Kaneko, Akiko Yosano, Sachio Ito, Gakusui Hada, Nobuaki Hosaka, Sadao Suzuki)
<hall-style straight hermitage of haiku> 
 We display colored paper or strip of paper of great master, Fusei Tomiyasu handwriting of modern haiku. Haiku gatherings are held in Japanese-style room that removed and rebuilt private house of the Edo era, too.
<citizens hermitage>
 We display agricultural machinery or articles daily used by people which have been ever used in this village. Studio room where there are cultural activities is established.

History and Culture Parks and Sports

Basic Information

Address 401-0502 山梨県南都留郡山中湖村平野506-296
Telephone Number 0555-20-2727
Open 10:00-17:00 (no charge for admission)
Closures 12/1-3/20, every Monday (the next day in the case of holiday)
Remarks Information creation building, Soho Tokutomi Museum, Yukio Mishima literature building refer to official site.
Admission charges are needed for Soho Tokutomi Museum, Yukio Mishima literature building.
Website Official site


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