Jyutokuji (Temple) 寿徳寺

Temple where madam butterfly Tamaki Miura sleeps

Old historic temple in Hirano of east bank of Yamanakako. Because this ground was border of Suruga and Sagami, Prince Shingen Takeda set of prayer place of border defense for the age of civil strife and prospered. There are many valuable cultural assets such as recumbent Buddha said to be Tsunenobu Kanou product, star mandala said to be light sign product, the Takedas seal form, and formality drifts on approach to a shrine where stone lanterns line up or old bell tower. Grave has famous Tamaki Miura as prima donna who is international in cemetery of the back. The singing voice that we made composer Puccini and were done tansho saying "madam butterfly became only after depending on you" continued impressing many people. Poetry of true brush is engraved into gravestone saying "we can become artist of the utahimehatsuyoki patriotism feeling tazareba truth and are serious".

History and Culture


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