Yamanaka Suwa Jinja (Shrine) 山中諏訪神社

Grant an easy delivery, a child; a child, koiku, a Shrine with the benefit of matchmaking

"Yamanaka Suwa Jinja (Shrine)" said that "matchmaking, child grants Princess Toyotama life to enshrined deity, and there is benefit for child, easy delivery, child care" located at the one of Fuji Five Lakes Yamanakako held in breast of Mt.Fuji. It is called another name "Yamanaka Myojin" and is famous for Festival "Anzan Matsuri" performed on September 4-6 as very rare festival that woman who carried pregnant woman and baby on her back carries omikoshi on her shoulder and gathers in benefit from the whole country to be given nationwide every year.

History and Culture

Basic Information

Address 401-0501 山梨県南都留郡山中湖村山中御所13
Telephone Number 0555-62-3952
Website Official site


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