Hirano Tenmangu (Shrine) 平野天満宮

Shrine with the dedication noh dance "Amaiwatoshinraku" of Yamanakako-mura immaterial folk cultural assets

Michizane Sugawara who is God of study sentence way and Hirano Tenmangu (Shrine) that God susano-no-mikoto of bravery, medical care, industry, rich harvest is worshiped. It features amano-iwato-kagura handed down as the dedication noh dance from the Edo era we be accompanied, and to dance kneecap with inside of the thigh by female lion noh dance womanly.
Mikoshi parades around the Hirano district in Festival of July 14 and 15, and amano-iwato-kagura is danced in the crossroads.

History and Culture


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